At Simply Smile, we understand that you have a wide variety of choices when it comes to your orthodontic needs, such as clear retainers. While not every person has the same needs, for some people, getting clear retainers comes with a set of benefits not available from any other type of retainers. If you’d like to know about the benefits of clear retainers for patients like yourself, read on!

Less Noticeable Than Metal Retainers

Because clear retainers are made up of a polymer resembling plastic, they are nearly invisible on your teeth. As such, you can wear them without having to worry about the retainer being noticeable. This can prove to be an advantage for someone who needs to be out and about in public for an extended period.

Just As Effective As Metal Retainers

Some patients are hesitant to get clear retainers because they feel that they won’t be as effective in the teeth straightening process as a metal retainer. But the reality is, clear retainers are just as effective as metal retainers in straightening your teeth.

More Cost Effective

One of the biggest benefits of getting clear retainers as opposed to metal ones is the fact that clear retainers tend to be more cost effective than their metal counterparts. Not all insurance companies will cover the cost of braces or retainers. Patients who are concerned about the costs associated with retainers and clear retainers are a better financial option than metal ones.

Other Things to Consider When Getting Clear Retainers

While clear retainers certainly have their fair share of advantages, there are some things to consider when getting retainers of any kind. For example:

  • Retainers aren’t necessarily durable. Whether you get clear retainers or metal retainers, it’s important to remember that they will not last for more than two years….and this, of course, is assuming you take proper care of them and don’t lose them. Either way, it’s imperative to understand that you will be changing out your retainers at least once every two years.
  • Clear retainers won’t affect your speech. Metal retainers cover the roof of your mouth, making it difficult to speak, and giving you a “lisp” of sorts. On the other hand, the clear version of the retainers doesn’t cover the roof of your mouth, meaning that it won’t be affecting your speech at all. This, then, is another fact to consider as an advantage.
  • Retainers are easy to clean. While it was made clear, earlier, that retainers aren’t very durable, they’re also easy to care for, regardless of how long you wear them or how long they ultimately last. If you maintain proper care of your retainers, they will not only last for longer than they typically would, but they will keep your mouth free of harmful bacteria and viruses.
  • Retainers are easy to adjust. As your mouth adjusts and straightens out, your retainer will need adjusting. However, the good news about retainers is that they are easy to adjust — and unlike metal braces, which are painful to adjust, retainer adjustments are pain-free.
  • Retainers are custom fit to your mouth. Like braces, retainers are specifically designed to fit and adjust your mouth until your smile is perfect. As such, there is no “one size fits all” remedy for retainers, which will mean that it’s guaranteed to work for you, no matter for how long you need your retainer for.

Contact Simply Smile Today and Get The Retainers You Need!

Again, when it comes to retainers, no two patients will require the same thing. Some will require – or desire – a metal version of the retainer, while others will require – or desire – a clear version of the retainer. Regardless of your needs, however, the dentists at Simply Smile can help.

As dentists who have served the greater South Florida area for more than a decade, Simply Smile is pleased to work with you to figure out what, precisely, your orthodontic needs are, and how we can help you fulfill them.

The most important thing to remember is that proper oral care is tantamount to good overall health. Simply Smile takes a holistic approach to your proper oral care and treatment. We are pleased to accept most types of insurance and are pleased to answer any questions you may have regarding your treatment regimen.

In short, and in summary, we are pleased to be the dentists that will work tirelessly for you and your family. For more information on how Simply Smile can help you with your orthodontic needs, including information on how to obtain clear retainers, contact us today.

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