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The vast majority of orthodontics patients, in our office and in offices across the country, are either pre-teens or teenagers. However, for some patients, adult orthodontics are necessary, either to correct an existing problem or to fix a problem that has developed with age. At Simply Smile Orthodontics, we’re pleased to help you with all of your orthodontic needs. However, it’s important that our patients at Simply Smile understand that there is a world of difference between orthodontics needed for a child, and orthodontics needed for an adult.

How are adult orthodontics different from pediatric, or pre-teen, orthodontics?

At Simply Smile Orthodontics, we understand that what adult orthodontics needs, and pediatric/pre-teen orthodontics needs, are extremely different.

One of the first things we take into account is the fact that patients who come in for adult orthodontics treatments are, naturally, much older than our pre-teen or teen patients. This may seem like an obvious statement, but there are certain factors that adult patients face that their younger counterparts do not. For example, many adult patients suffer from bone and or gum loss due to age, which means that tooth realignment is difficult, if not impossible.

Another thing that makes adult orthodontics a bit of a challenge involves malocclusion, or “overbite” or “underbite” problems. If there is not enough room in the adult mouth to shift the teeth either back, or forward, to correct the problem, some teeth may need to be extracted before orthodontics (such as metal braces or Invisalign) are placed in the mouth.

Finally, adult orthodontics can prove to be a challenge if the patient’s oral hygiene isn’t up to par. Perfect oral hygiene must be maintained in order for orthodontics to be effectively placed (i.e., your teeth need to be brushed twice a day, you need to floss once a day, you need to come in for a cleaning every six months), and if the patient doesn’t have good oral hygiene habits, orthodontics could prove to be problematic or ineffective.

Adult Orthodontics & Adult Braces For Pembroke Pines Residents

At Simply Smile, we understand that all of these issues – and more – are intrinsic challenges that we encounter when dealing with our adult patients. However, as experienced orthodontists who have served the residents of South Florida for more than a decade, Simply Smile is dedicated to making sure that your experience is a positive one. For more information about how Simply Smile can help you with your adult orthodontics, contact us today for your free consultation.

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