Simply Smile Orthodontics Has the Best Teen Braces for Patients of All Ages!

In the early part of the 20th century, getting teen  braces was an ordeal that involved heavy headgear, hours of a procedure, and orthodontics that normally involved a great deal of pain (or sedation for the pain). Thankfully today, in the 21stcentury, getting teen braces doesn’t have to be a hassle. Today’s orthodontic procedures to put on metal braces are much more advanced, are only minimally invasive, and don’t require either hours of a procedure or heavy headgear.

Teen Braces are Available in a Wide Variety of Colors

No teenager wants to go to school with a mouth full of metal, so today’s braces come in a variety of band colors that, if nothing else, can make your teen feel a little bit better about getting them. Best of all, these braces are what’s called low profile braces, which means they are made of a better quality metal, and the brackets are smaller, than the traditional metal braces of yester-year. Talk to us at Simply Smile Orthodontics to discuss the various colors that are available for your teen!

How much do they cost?

When it comes to your teen’s oral health, no expense should be spared. However, at Simply Smile Orthodontics, we’re pleased to provide these types of braces that are both effective and affordable. Best of all, if you have an insurance plan that covers dental care, most or all of the cost will be covered!

Are these the only options available?

Not at all! There are many other options that are available if teen braces are not right for your child. We have ceramic braces (which were once known as clear braces), lingual braces (which are braces that are placed on the inside of the mouth, on the same side as your tongue), and even Invisalign© brand braces (braces that are placed over the teeth that mimic the effects of real teeth, and don’t appear visibly at all) if this is not the right option for your child. We at Simply Smile Orthodontics will be glad to assess your child’s unique situation and provide a wide variety of options!

Contact us today!

Simply Smile Orthodontics has been serving the South Florida area for more than a decade. In addition to having a bilingual staff, we offer a free consultation for all of our prospective patients. For more information about us, and how we can help your child get the teen braces he or she needs to get that picture perfect smile he or she deserves, contact us today.

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