After you have your braces removed, you will have to use a retainer to keep your teeth in the proper position.  Retainers are custom made and come in many colors.  Children enjoy the wide verity of colors that Simple Smile Orthodontics offers patients.  They normally have to be worn for at least 24 months.

Why Are Retainers Important?

Completing every stage of your orthodontic treatment is crucial.  Because retainers are usually the last stage, failure to wear one will waste all the hard work you already put into treatment.  A retainer holds the teeth in place.  Without a retainer, teeth will begin to shift back to their misaligned position.  The greatest risk of movements occurs the first month after braces get removed.  After six months many people only have to wear their retainers at night.

Maintaining proper tooth alignment is critical to your oral and overall health.  Here are some ways straight and properly aligned teeth will benefit you:

  • Easier to Brush and Floss: This prevents plaque and tooth decay and helps promote good periodontal
  • Chew Properly: This is essential to your digestive health.
  • Lowers Risk of Diabetes: Good oral health and your risk of diabetes have a negative correlation.
  • Improved Speech: Studies have shown some retainers help children with speech impediments.

How Do You Take Care of Retainers?

Here are some tips to properly care for and maintain your retainer:

  • Keep it Clean: They should get taken out when you brush your teeth, and you should brush your retainer before you put it back in your mouth.  Your orthodontist can provide you with more cleaning tips relevant to your particular retainer.
  • Do Not Wrap it in a Napkin: Some people place retainers in a napkin while they eat.  The napkin makes the appliance harder to clean and increases the risk that it gets accidently thrown away.
  • Avoid Heat: Because they are plastic, the heat (including hot water) will melt them.
  • Keep it Moist: If the retainer is not in your mouth, it is best to keep it in liquid.
  • Do Not Adjust Yourself: Only your orthodontist can appropriately adjust a retainer.  If you attempt to do this on your own, you could break the wires.

Simply Smile Orthodontics

For more information about retainers contact Simply Smile at 954-280-1810.  Dr. Michelle Palmer-Espanol is a highly skilled orthodontist who actively participates in continuing education to ensure she provides patients with the best possible procedures and technologies.  We value patient education and are always willing to answer all of your questions.

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