Simply Smile Orthodontics values patient education. We like to provide our patients with as much information as possible so they can make informed decisions and appropriately care for teeth and orthodontic appliances. Dr. Michelle Palmer-Espanol will answer all of your questions to ensure you understand your treatment. Here we will address some common patient education topics.

Oral Hygiene

It is always important to regularly brush and floss, but carefully brushing and flossing becomes even more important during orthodontic treatment.  We recommend brushing and flossing four times a day:

  • After Breakfast
  • After Lunch or School
  • After Dinner
  • Before Bed

Toothbrush bristles will wear and fray more quickly when you wear braces. It is important to replace your toothbrush once the bristles are damages. Appliances may also make it harder to reach parts of your mouth. It is important to take the extra time to ensure you remove plaque from all areas. If you need any additional tips, call our office for more oral hygiene patient education.

Common Orthodontic Problems

Here are the common issues that need correcting:

  • Underbite: The lower jaw extends further out than the upper jaw causing your lower teeth to protrude past your upper teeth.
  • Overbite: The upper teeth extend further past the lower teeth than they should.Spacing: Missing teeth often cause extra spaces in between teeth. The spacing could cause oral health concerns or may be a purely cosmetic issue.
  • Crowding: This occurs when your dental arch is not big enough to house all of your teeth. It often makes proper brushing and flossing difficult or impossible.
  • Openbite: This means the upper and lower teeth don’t overlap, and it can lead to chewing difficulties.
  • Crossbite: This means one or more teeth is not correctly positioned relative to its corresponding tooth and often leads to misalignments in the jaw.

Dr. Palmer-Espanol will provide you with patient education on your particular problem.

Foods to Avoid

Orthodontic patients should avoid certain foods that are overly hard, sticky or sugary.

Here are some foods to avoid:

  • Gum
  • Toffee
  • Caramel
  • Licorice
  • Tootsie Rolls
  • Starburst
  • Taffy
  • Ice
  • Nuts
  • Hard Tacos
  • Potato Chips
  • Uncut Raw Carrots and Apples
  • Corn on the Cob

Here are some foods to minimize:

  • Cake
  • Ice Cream
  • Cookies
  • Pie
  • Candy
  • Sugary Drinks

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If you have any questions, please contact our office at 954-280-1810.  There are many common questions that the receptionist can help you with, but the doctor can provide you with in-depth patient education.

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